Trade Show Exhibit Questions

How long does a trade show display take to complete?

With every project being a unique build, the timeframe from approval to delivery can vary widely. We’ll send you a personalized timeline of important dates and an expected date of completion.

Why are there no prices listed? How much will my project cost to produce?

There are a number of factors that can greatly affect the cost of your display. Each project is unique and will start off with a detailed quote and 3D render of your exhibit.

Do you offer products or services not listed on this site?

Absolutely. After our initial conversation, we’ll gather all the necessary information to design a custom solution for your specific needs. All your bases are covered by our expert staff and network.

Will you assist in designing graphics for the displays?

We sure do. Our expert designers can help deliver your message with high-quality and engaging graphics.

I'm ready. How can I get the process started?

Customers can always call Geaux Expo during business hours to speak with a professional about trade show booths. All emails are answered in a timely manner as well, usually within hours.

I need help navigating the show's paperwork and required documents!

No problem. Our show management staff can help you fill out all the necessary forms and even submit them on your behalf!

What if I need help setting up/packing up the display on the show floor?

Not to worry, we have a network of experienced trade show builders across the country to provide any necessary labor at the show site. You can rest easy and concentrate on finding your big leads at the show!